What is equity, and how do we advance it?

As compared to diversity, inclusivity and equality, EQUITY is about construction work. It calls for a commitment to deeply evaluate your own systems and determine what in those systems needs to be removed, reimagined or redesigned. In doing this, you create systems where everyone has exactly what they need to thrive in the system.

We don’t believe in an EID checklist. Instead, we develop customized recommendations for each client based on their unique needs, and always start with operations and strategy before we dive into equity work.

Our Services

Customized Equity Workshops

Our workshops provide opportunities to explore the multi-faceted world of EID in an environment that promotes sharing, learning, and transformation.

Organizational Assessment

In an organizational assessment, we compare your current state to your desired state, and design a customized set of recommendations to help guide your ongoing EID efforts.

Equity Lens

A guiding document that we help you to  develop that helps to ensure you are always using a consciousness of equity in  all of your planning and decision-making.

Equity Blueprint

A strategic plan for operationalizing equity, diversity, and inclusion work across your organization.

Listening Sessions

From workshopping a general theme to resolving issues through a direct approach, we provide a space filled with grace that enables judgement-free dialogue and unlocks productive working environments.

Executive Equity Coaching

Our coaching helps executives develop a personal “equity posture”, effectively communicate challenging content with their teams, and identify leadership opportunities.

Focus Group Facilitation

As part of an organizational assessment, we hold focus groups to discover the internal culture of an organization, explore specific areas of focus, and gather data.

Other Services

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Reach out to discuss other services that suit the specific needs and goals of your company.

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